Leo and scorpio dating

[hr] Leo Woman and Scorpio Man is a play between the overbearing light of Leo wearing her heart on her sleeve, and Scorpio’s dark in consummating all emotions into his own.

Somewhere between the two energies, there is a lot of pages each can borrow from each other in their shared goals.

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Normally it’s difficult for a fire sign such as Leo to blend well with a water sign like Scorpio, but the lioness and the male scorpion do have some similarities.

Both the Leo and Scorpio demand admiration and respect and they usually get it.

The Lion, true to his/her nature likes to live life king-size and the magnetic force of their personality is expressed in the way they assume leadership in difficult situations and attract people around them even under the most mundane of circumstances.

How compatible are Leo women and Scorpio men mentally, emotionally and sexually?

Interestingly it is because of several similar rather than diverging personality traits that romantic compatibility between these two signs seems a tough proposition.

In the end chances of the couple being together depend upon whether they are able to unite their powers to work as a team or use them to undermine each other.Both members of this love match are able to give the other what they need and while enjoying one another’s strengths.Leo relishes comfort and luxury, often doing things on a grand scale.Moreover the sign is ruled by the Sun – the center of the solar system and the heavenly body which holds all other planets in its thrall.The Scorpio too is an extremely self-assured personality, possessing not only a brilliant mind as is only natural for anybody ruled by the planet Saturn but also a keen intuitive power of a Water sign which is able to look through appearances into the very heart of reality.Overall we’ve found Leo far too infatuated and willing to bend for Scorpio in the honeymoon phase, only to regret it later.

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