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Even people in happy, committed relationships inevitably ask me questions about a past lover. ” Bri has been pushing me to launch my podcast for 2 whole years. a podcast for you about love and life, stories of unconventional, untethered and sometimes unreturned love.

The common trap I find people within is forcing their relationship.

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Meeting the person you were meant to be with can disrupt your world in such a way that it can completely engulf you. If you find yourself opening up easily and sharing secrets you’ve never told anyone else, it’s a good sign you are connecting on a deeper level.

There’s no feeling quite like meeting the person you were meant to be with. When you can easily share all of your shame, fears, desires, and fantasies, you’ve met your match.

It’s as if when you’re together, you melt into each other. Beyond being strongly attracted to each other, you have an amazing chemistry that can be felt and seen.

When you’re alone together, the atmosphere is so charged with desire, you can barely stand it.

I have been helping people heal from heartache for 16 years and the topic of unrequited love comes back like a game of wackamole.

Just when you think you’ve helped someone heal from the wounds of unrequited love…it’s like a plague; it can resurface subtly or aggressively on any given day.

Understand the degree of change a person experiences in mid life transformation varies from small to huge.

It’s only natural that after a new man or women comes into your life that you want to let them see every aspect of your world.

Forcing a relationship to meet an ideal can blind a person from seeing what they need in their actual relationship or that a current relationship is shifting.

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