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Since then, thanks to the help of many other programmers, it has become the best interface to control the RPi Cam over your browser.

Remember, anyone can create an account on here and add to this wiki.

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RPi Cam Web Interface is a web interface for the Raspberry Pi Camera module.

It can be used for a wide variety of applications including surveillance, dvr recording and time lapse photography.

This is a great way to be notified if your camera has been unplugged or misconfigured and is not time lapsing.

NOTE: You must have at least one active time-lapse for alerts to work.

Canary can use your phone’s location to automatically switch between Home, Away, and Private modes when you arrive or leave your home.

By default, your Home mode preferences are always set to private./*2016 GLOBAL FIXES*/ #header nav .container, #sea Gov Header .container, #sea Gov Footer .container #header nav .container #seagov Navbar #search Icon div#search Modal nav#slide Menu Nav ul nav#slide Menu Nav li nav#slide Menu Nav li a .Receive automatic email alerts when your camera fails to capture images. Cam IP Smart HD keeps an eye for you, on things that you care about.Plus, you realized that you haven't backed up and there's no way of recovering the data.Ever wondered what your child is up to while you're at work? A modest design, with a versatile personality, equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity makes sure you know what's going on in the house - as though you're there. Cam IP Smart HD detects motion or sound disturbance in your apartment, it pings your mobile phone with an alert.

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