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I could hear them through Nest Cam and talk back (with a slight lag) via its microphone, which I could access from an app on my phone.

That freaked my kids out at first, but then they thought it was neat.

The fine new Nest Cam home-security video camera, introduced recently by Google-owned Nest Labs for 9, is a 4.5-inch inch tall eyeball on a pedestal that's connected to Wi-Fi and can send you alerts on your phone.

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In a typical shopping center, the landlord owns most if not all of the land; builds buildings to house tenants (except in cases where major stores own their own land and build their own buildings); and provides parking, sidewalks, lighting and, in enclosed malls, interior walkways and climate control.

Tenants expect to pay rent for use of the building space and will agree to maintain and repair it while they use it.

Follow the simple steps below to determine your eligibility and start the process: Visit our eligibility calculator to determine if you have the requisite background to qualify for the CAMS exam.

Download and submit the CAMS Candidate Handbook and Application which includes the full eligibility criteria, examination fees, preparation options and examination details. ACAMS also offers the CAMS Virtual Classroom CAMS package which includes access to six 2-hour consecutive web-based courses which helps to structure and reinforce your studying. Once your payment is received and application approved, you will be sent an ID number and instructions to schedule your examination.

Pay as you Go participants can even see their average daily bill.

Earning the CAMS Certification will help to redefine your compliance career and make you more valuable to employers.Our hope is that this community website serves as an information resource for your community and a resourceful tool for communication with your management company. Select "Homeowner Login" from the top menu and sign in with your email address and the credentials that were sent to you. Ever since the first lease was signed for a space in a self-contained shopping center, landlords and tenants have been at war over who should pay for the costs of maintaining common areas and operating and managing the center.The battles have reached such a pitch that some landlords and tenants are considering a truce.Continuous Development We release a major build every 1 to 2 months. Most of them are in response to requests in our feature requests forum.

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