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Moyr Smith was a leading designer at Minton Tiles, the renowned tile manufacturer of the period.These tiles depict scenes drafted by Moyr Smith inspired by Lord Tennyson's collection of poems retelling the legend of King Arthur entitled 'Idylls of the King', which captured the imaginations of the Victorians and remained a literature classic.

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Superb quality Parian figures are another highly sought after Minton product.

The Minton China factory was the most popular supply source in the 19th century of dinnerware made to order for embassies and for heads of state…

This set of six tiles depicts events surrounding Excalibur, Etarre, Enid, Elaine, Geraint and Lynette.

There is a set of these tiles kept in the British Museum's collection. The tiles are in very good antique condition and can be arranged in a number of ways to create a splashback or a decorative feature. Border tiles measure 6" x 1" Reference: TILES02 When placing an order with The Architectural Forum no money will be taken from your card until your order has been confirmed.

Cawarden have an enviable stock of both original and sympathetic reproduction quarry tiles in numerous different sizes and colours.

Our vast stock of reclaimed quarry tiles includes tiles dating to over 100 years old, beautifully cleaned and restored to make the perfect statement for your project.

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Wiltshire was of crucial importance in the history of English tiles as it was at Clarendon Palace, near Salisbury, that the earliest two-colour tile pavement was manufactured between 12; a pavement was ordered from a Westminster tiler in 1237 but it is unknown whether this was actually made.

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