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As a result of this cycle, an asset-based loan has a revolving quality to it.

This can be a good thing because it gives a company time to catch its breath. If an asset-based loan isn't renewed by the lender, for example, the company may be forced to pay the borrowed money back before it's prepared to do so.

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Getting people to surrender their money to you, particularly in a recovering economy, remains one of a business’s most difficult tasks.

If you’re for unique ways to encourage customers to willingly hand over their cash or credit cards, you’ve come to the right blog post.

In the tragedies of real life to-day, the mortgage has been replaced by the much more highly efficient debit balance—efficient in its power to wipe out a man’s financial standing without affording him recourse to any of the protections and safeguards against hasty action which are thrown about the borrower on mortgage.

Moreover, formalities of law, evidenced by documents and red seals, have firmly planted in our minds the idea that the condition of being a mortgagor is not one to be entered into lightly.

Specifically, he says, "Asset-based lending is formula lending based on the liquidation value of accounts receivable and inventory."While lenders making term loans (loans that are paid back over a span of two to five years) certainly consider the value of these assets, value is only a secondary consideration.

For the most part, when a banker makes a term loan, he or she is looking at the cash flow of the enterprise and trying to determine whether it is sufficient to service the debt and whether it can be sustained for the term of the loan.They relate to customer’s borrowings from his stockbroker, pleasantly referred to as ‘debit balances.’The sum total of these debit balances furnished the flimsy scaffolding upon which stock quotations were lifted so far above rational investment values they could only fall on any change in speculative sentiment.And it is on account of them, and the lack of real it behind them, that the fall in stock prices, once commenced, was precipitate and could not be stopped until thousands of financial tragedies had occurred—tragedies affecting the life prospects of hundreds of thousands of individuals.Asset-based lenders, on the other hand, have a dual focus.They, too, look at cash flow, but they also look at two asset classes--accounts receivable and inventory--in terms of their ability to be liquidated to pay off the loan if the cash flow goes south.Sales promotions can give you the edge you’re looking for when it comes to revenue.

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