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For this reason, Solar Sister nominated Hilaria for ENERGIA’s Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award.As part of receiving the award, Hilaria travelled to New York City to represent Solar Sister at the 2017 Sustainable Energy for All Forum.

As well as raising the profile of micro-algae spirulina as a tool in the fight against malnutrition, H. Mutaz Ghandour has pledged to support the development of Spirulina Feeding Centre in Kisumo, West of Kenya’’. There is a clear need to seek out new solutions, fresh ideas and approaches to deal with the challenges of malnutrition, just as much as we need to address lack of access to clean and safe drinking water.

This is exactly what Metito endeavors to do by investing in R&D and looking for new next generation technology that can help communities efficiently and sustainably.” The Secretary General of IIMSAM H. Remigio Maradona said: “We are extremely fortunate to have an ambassador of H. Mutaz Ghandour’s calibre and stature supporting our cause.

The First Meeting of States Parties already recognized the need to integrate victim assistance into broader public health and socio-economic strategies, in order to ensure long-term and sustainable support for mine victims.

Hilaria Paschal is a successful entrepreneur because she never gives up and is not afraid to try new things in her business.

These aims must be realized if the Convention’s promise of a world free from death, injury and suffering caused by anti-personnel mines is to be fulfilled.

Every new mine victim is a forceful reminder of the urgency of mine clearance and of our collective responsibility to remove these abhorrent weapons from the ground.

While there, she shared her experiences and challenges with sector leaders and innovators and was able to meet other entrepreneurs like herself from around the world.

Photo Credit: Adam Schultz/ENERGIA“Hilaria was one of the earliest Solar Sister entrepreneurs in Tanzania, introduced to us by our partners at African Wildlife Foundation.

The recent floods in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, which have led to the displacement of anti-personnel mines and explosive remnants of war, make it very clear that no time must be lost in setting about this task.

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