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Lily bought the house, set in seven acres, in 2010, but she now spends much of her time in London with her on-off boyfriend, rapper Meridian Dan.

Singer Ellie Goulding is packing her bags and heading to New York to join her Old Etonian lover.

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Steve Coogan has put his Sussex manor house up for sale in the wake of local officials stopping him from building a pool in the garden.

The Alan Partridge star has placed 17th Century mansion Ovingdean Grange, near Brighton, on the market for £3.25 million.

Moorcroft's daughter, Dubai-based stable owner and model Laylah De Cruz, 31, encouraged her mother to take part in the fraud at the insistence of her 'playboy' lover Karl Cronin.

A British passport and Dubai resident's permit in Ms Richards' name were obtained to get a tenancy for the property and then arrange for its sale while the real owner was living in Cambridge.

Emergency personnel from around the Seacoast responded to Exeter Hospital Friday, where employee complaints of nausea and dizziness resulted in a partial evacuation. A historic church in Claremont that’s been vacant for years will soon open its doors once again.

The church dates back to the 19th century and occupies a prime spot in Claremont’s downtown historic district. but the cost of keeping up the property was simply too high, and it wasn’t being put to use.

He bought the house, one of the most sought-after in the area, for £2.45 million in 2011.

The stucco-fronted period house in Little Venice has been on the market for two years, and last year the former Oasis frontman issued a tongue-in-cheek plea to Russian oligarchs to snap it up for £11.5 million.

More recently the Florida-based high school student has been described as an "urban legend" and an "18-wheel truck".

All this is despite the fact he has never played a game of American football.

The gang secured a £1.2m bridging loan against the house before a buyer was found and they immediately transferred the money to Dubai.

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