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They won the pewter medal at their regional championship to qualify for their sectional championship. Remaining as novices in the 2003–04 season, Samuelson/Bates won their regional championship to qualify for their sectional championship, where they won the silver medal. They won their sectional championship to qualify for the 2006 U. Championships, where they won the silver medal on the junior level.

In the 2005–06 season, Samuelson/Bates moved up to the junior level.

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Bates earned a bachelor's degree in organizational studies from University of Michigan in 2013 ...

Parents are Wes and Barbara, both of whom work or worked for American Airlines.

Adam's teammates Brandon Mroz placed fourth and Tommy Steenberg placed ninth.

THANK YOU to all of the people who came together to make our U. The judges and officials also deserve a huge amount of gratitude for taking time away from their real jobs and families to help support the sport they love.

Championships) CONNECT WITH US Twitter: @chockolate2 and @Evan_Bates Instagram: chockolate02 and evan_bates Official site Facebook fan page SKATING NOTES Announced partnership in July 2011 ...

bronze medalists (as juniors in 2008, as seniors in '11) and two-time bronze medalists in the Grand Prix Series. Thank you to Boston for being such an amazing host city. Meryl and I have been so lucky to be able to participate in many, and we have taken away many wonderful memories.And last but not least, another huge THANK YOU to the fans who made performing at these championships such a pleasure. In no particular order, what I think we appreciate the most about the championships: family, tradition and excellence.Starting in Korea, Figure Skating is going Prime Time. Best thing, this show will also air on MBC America..if you're lucky enough to get their broadcast (West Coast heavy) you'll have to fill me in on if it's any good. Can't imagine that it will be easy to train for the Olympics while having a baby..that's the plan for she and Olivier Schoenfelder. On the other side of French Ice Dancing, Carron and Jost have decided to call it quits. S., Adult Nationals have wrapped up in Grand Rapids Michigan. Figure Skating has announced the Team Envelopes, no real shocks, but State of the Skate brings up a good question about Katrina Hacker. Finally in Russia, there is some disagreement as to if the 2014 Sochi Winter Games planning is on track. And speaking of babies, Tatiana Totmianina is expecting as well..Yagudin is the baby's daddy (I didn't even know they were dating! Apparently, they had 'differences' they couldn't work out. Lots of reports and coverage can be found here and here. Parents are Eric (cardiologist) and Nancy (artist) ...

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