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The Simply Hired careers website, for instance, lists an average annual salary of ,000 for dating coaches.

The jobs website lists salaries for men's dating consultants running from ,000 to 0,000-plus.

"The consulting industry requires many late nights—-often in cities where you know no one—-and for the socially inept, work is a place where you can get to know people very well and they can get to know you," says one avowed office dater.

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Client Profile The Mc Kinsey team conducted extensive research to better understand the client's romantic history and past dating practices.

This included interviews with the client, analysis of her Gchats and text messages, reading all of her tweets, and watching every episode of every Web series she has ever made. Roberson has smooched a smattering of boys, ranging from pretty good to horrible.

He contends that the majority of online-dating fumbles involve unrealistic expectations: “Online dating gives people the illusion of choice, not actual choice.”Then, of course, there are the photos.

Companies like New York Image Consultant offer services like a Re-Imaging package, which includes hairstyling and makeup for photos in a range of outfits and poses, plus Photoshopping, for $1,500.

Men's dating consultants may also charge impressive hourly rates, with well-regarded coaches earning sizable monthly as well as annual salaries.

Men's dating consultants operate what are called "wingman businesses," and they're largely entrepreneurs.

One such horrible boy, whom the Mc Kinsey team found particularly disturbing, left Ms.

Roberson in order to engage in some sort of spirit journey across the American West.

For example, as of 2011 one professional dating consultant charged an average hourly rate of 0 and up to ,000 for a six-month program.

Another popular Los Angeles-based dating consultant charges 0 hourly and up to ,000 for long-term consultancy work.

Men's dating consultants, also known as dating coaches, help men learn how to meet and talk to others in a social context.

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