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Text messages could greatly change the nature of the app.

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You ended up taking a crappy photo and adding a caption.

The fact that it was ephemeral and limited when it comes to the number of characters were quite charming, but sometimes infuriating. You can swipe right on a friend’s name in your Snapchat inbox to enter a new chat screen. You can write and send text messages, send snaps, and send photos or videos from your camera roll. But there is a new button as well at the bottom of the screen.

They started advertising for models on Craigslist a while ago, so I have little doubt other operators will follow suit, some of them potentially big names in the adult industry.

If you think about it, a five-minute Face Time call from a real porn star would probably cost a lot more than $4 per minute, and be insanely lucrative for the performer.

On my HTC One, I was also able to receive a pair of chat invitations from my editor Doug Aamoth–one from Google Chat on his desktop, and one from Google Hangouts.

In a statement to the press, AT&T reiterated its earlier claim that it can block video chat on pre-installed apps.

Unsurprisingly, the apps that score highest on the EFF's chart are those dedicated to secure messaging, such as i Phone apps , both of which scored checkmarks in all categories.

Outside of dedicated secure chat messaging apps, both Face Time and i Message scored higher than competing messaging platforms like Skype, Whats App, Viber, Snapchat, Kik, Google Hangouts, and Black Berry Messenger.

QQ, a highly popular Chinese messaging app, failed at providing any of the qualities the EFF was looking for in a secure messaging app, not even bothering to encrypt messages.

According to the EFF, Apple's i Message and Face Time products were the "best of the mass-market options," which is not much of a surprise given Apple's unparalleled focus on user privacy.

Snapchat is slowly adding features on top of its highly successful ephemeral messaging platform.

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