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Gordon Thirley (left), a driver, Brian Bennett (centre), a french polisher and Derek Keates (right), a printers apprentice. If anything, and for the purists, the introduction of American Rock'n'Roll among'st Britain's youth would actually be part of a very gradual and steady decline as far as the original Edwardian style was concerned.

This post is my little attempt at clearing up some of the misconceptions regarding the Arab/American marriages.

Perhaps I should clarify a bit; my husband is not only an Arab, but he’s a bedoin (desert) Arab.

The two varieties of English most widely found in print and taught around the world are British and American – it is, therefore, important for teachers to be aware of the major differences between the two.

And while lexical differences are the easiest ones to notice, a knowledge of grammatical and phonological differences can be useful not only for teachers to be aware of, but also to be able to deal with should they come up in class.

The Teddy Boy is a uniquely British phenomenon and pre-dates the introduction of American Rock'n'Roll music into Britain in late 1955 by Bill Haley & his Comets by at least five years or so.

A 'Best Dressed Edwardians' Competition in a Dance Hall in Tottenham, North London in 1954.

An important point to make is that different doesn’t mean wrong.

Comments such as “American English is inferior to British English”, or “American English is better than British English” have no solid basis other than the speaker’s opinion.

In sentences which talk about an action in the past that has an effect in the present: American English (Am E) / British English (Br E) frequently functions as what is technically referred to as a delexical verb, i.e.

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