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But any sense of ordinariness belies Greg's horror backstory.

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It all started a decade ago, when Greg (not his real name) was just 12.

Click the sorting cell below the incarceration rate header to sort by rate.

Since it was established by Ian Paisley in 1971, the DUP has been associated with social conservatism and Protestant fundamentalism. parliament, showed that the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree when he said he was “repulsed” by homosexuality.

Paisley and the DUP were behind the Save Ulster From Sodomy campaign, founded in 1977, which sought for years to prevent the decriminalization of homosexuality in Northern Ireland. Iris Robinson, wife of Northern Ireland’s first minister, called homosexuality “disgusting, loathsome, nauseating, wicked, and vile.” And Jim Wells recently resigned as the region’s health minister after saying, “You don’t bring a child up in a homosexual relationship. child is far more likely to be abused and neglected.” Political homophobia is connected with religious power.

In the table below see "United Kingdom" to find the rates for Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England and Wales. South Korea is listed as Republic of (South) Korea. International Centre for Prison Studies: "1 649 804 [prisoners] at mid-2015 (via Asian and Pacific Conference of Correctional Administrators - sentenced prisoners in Ministry of Justice prisons only, excluding pre-trial detainees and those held in administrative detention).

The Deputy Procurator-General of the Supreme People's Procuratorate reported in 2009 that, in addition to the sentenced prisoners, more than 650,000 were held in detention centres In China. Subtracting the Somali pirate inmates still leaves the Seychelles with the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Today, Ruhama – a group which supports sex workers – has blasted the sleazy landlords who try and “leverage sex” from vulnerable women looking for a home.

Soaring rents and a chronic lack of housing properties have placed huge pressure on young people, especially those who are looking for accommodation in the city centre.

The table can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

The row number column stays static, and does not sort. The rate of 118 is for sentenced prisoners in 2015 in Ministry of Justice prisons only.

The DUP opposed civil partnerships for gay and lesbian couples at the time they were made law in 2005 (and still does), just as it opposes marriage equality today. Northern Irish people find themselves living under what has been called “essentially a theocratic regime,” due to the hold the Calvinist fundamentalist Free Presbyterian Church has over the DUP.

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