Dating site for dieters

It is not necessary to undergo weight loss surgery to participate or be a member of this dating site.You do need to be aware of your potential date's journey and know how best to support that.Then browse those profiles to see if any men take your fancy and/or also mention a weight loss journey.

Beyond that, removing excess weight is a personal concern and should not become an issue in the social arena. Your eating requirements are not who you are, they are just among the things you do. Cholinergic modulation of mesolimbic dopamine function and reward.

However, humans are social animals that organize social events around eating.

Some of the members here are just beginning their journey to better health and many are at goal.

The one thing we all have in common is that we wanted a healthier, happier lifestyle.

But that becomes problematic when you're trying to remove excess weight.

It is especially problematic when you are dating because dining is one of the most common dating activities.

Eg "I've been working really hard to get fit - I've lost 51 lbs and am still going" Dead silence from him would mean he likes being a couch potatoe, but "Fantastic - I'm doing the same" and BINGO you might just have your man :)I'd do what Landra and Deb said, but I wouldn't stop at that.

I wouldn't recommend just looking at people in your same situation. Im working hard and i think im looking pretty damn good.

Danielle answers my questions to tell us all about her new site.

Sysy: What inspired you to create a dating website dedicated to those with significant weight-loss journeys?

On May 29, 2013 I embarked on a journey that would change my life. Fortunately, I found love before I had surgery, but many people have not. There are three major weight loss surgeries: the gastric bypass, the lap band and the sleeve.

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