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The sand in Bermuda is pink due to the colouring of tiny organisms that live in the coral reefs.

This mixed with the shells and bits of coral get mixed together to create this island’s trademark pink hue.

Kids can enjoy an adventure-packed day at the kids club, while mom and dad indulge in holistic treatments at the Spa at Elbow Beach, Bermuda.

Each private treatment room boasts its own granite soaking tub, a pebble-lined rain shower, and a brilliant ocean view.

Region & Time Zone: Mid Atlantic, Atlantic Time Zone (GMT -4) Passport Required: Yes Languages Spoken: English Power: Standard US plug Currency: Bermuda Dollar and the US Dollar is widely accepted Transportation: The island-wide bus is a convenient way to get around Immigration preclearance: US citizens can go through US immigration and customs at Bermuda airport Kick start your trip to Bermuda with a splash at the beach.

Bermuda's legendary pink sand is what makes the island's beaches some of the most popular in the world.

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At Marcus' you can taste a range of dishes including Fried Chicken and Waffles, Grilled Bermuda Onion, and pair them with a delicious array of specialty cocktails like the refreshing ginger beer-based Darker and Stormier.

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