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Finish out your evening of romantic bliss at Hotel Palomar, just blocks away from dinner.

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After analyzing data from its 200,000 users (between the ages of 18 and 65), Clover tracked the most popular first date spots.

You don't have the be the best tango dancer in the world to want to take a class at Casa Tango. And even if you both mess up the choreography, the good laughs will follow. via @lily.x.r Grab an apron and take your date to a cooking class at Sorrentino's.

Home to myriad riverine species including water monitors, mudskippers and, if you’re really lucky (or unlucky), the ferocious estuarine crocodile, Sungei Buluh Wetland Reserve is bound to offer you and your S. Loewen By Dempsey Hill Dempsey Hill may be a little hard to reach for some, but the lush enclave is perpetually buzzing with people coming in for business lunches, awesome dinners, great post-work drinks, and then some.

By comparison, the Loewen cluster, just a stone’s throw away, is mellow – uncharted even – but we think it won’t be for much longer with its recent rebranding exercise as Loewen by Dempsey Hill.

According to a recent study by mobile dating app Clover, the most popular place to have a first date is none other than Starbucks.

(Hopefully one that serves alcohol.)The app offers an on-demand dating option that allows its users to select a nearby location to meet up with a date.

Carry a picnic basket along and make it a date you’ll always cherish.

Get a ready to go picnic basket full of goodies here. Golconda resort Get away from the bustle of the city for a weekend and get pampered at this luxury resort. Karimnagar If long drives are your thing then Karimnagar is the place for you.

Its unperturbed beaches and warm blue waters that contain beautiful reefs and marine life are also a hit with snorkelers.

Coney Island Park This picturesque 50-hectare park is home to more than 80 species of feathered creatures including Baya Weavers, the Oriental Magpie-robin and parakeets, making it perfect for a day of bird-watching.

From there, venture back to your nearby hotel room at the Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing.

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