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Low education usually means less discipline, which, in turn, usually means low morals. I have known many cases of lawyers happily married to other lawyers and also lawyers (both males and females) happily married to non-lawyers.

I come across attractive female COPs hanging out alone in coffee shops.

(that's what COPS get paid for and where our tax dollars go..hanging out in parking lots and hanging out in coffee shops. Naa, most COPs don't work long hours and work 40-hours per week, just like most of us.

If you're a police officer looking for romance, or if you're interested in dating a police officer, a few dating websites offer opportunities to meet singles in that career field.

Some of these sites include firefighters, emergency medical technicians and military personnel, also. Some initiators of police officer dating sites work in the field themselves and can relate to the profession's demands and the difficulty of meeting potential romantic partners.

Willow River Minnesota surf_2004 31 Woman Seeking Men I'm 20 years old, I'm tall with brown hair, Hazel eyes.

I like to work out, and spend time in the outdoors.

Dating websites have become oddly specific, it makes it hard to know where to search for potential soul mates.

Can someone start a dating website called Cute Men In The Navy That Look Like Zac

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