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From the Hindustani music of Bollywood to the post-punk of bands like Deerhunter, Humeysha is inspired by the experience of living between cultures and a sense of belonging found through music.- “A marvelously mellow kind of psych-pop, clean and sparkly like a diamond baguette, dappled with Bollywood-toned lilts.” - Noisey - “Humeysha melts modal guitars and puja bells with a reverbed vocal that scans as post-Panda Bear, but with less Brian Wilson and more fodder for mantra." - Revolt One of the first questions Ritual Talk gets is usually one of the hardest questions to answer: what do you sound like?I pretended like everything was okay and then went numb for about a year.” Yost moved into a friend’s basement office where he spent a month “staring at the walls” before getting back to work.

Then comes some variation of: what are your songs about? Alex De Simine (vocals, guitar) is the primary songwriter in the band, and has been writing songs for as long as he can remember.

He got a $30 bright blue acoustic guitar when he was thirteen and started putting music to words he’d written on long car rides to Grandma’s.

Set against an inventive bed of infinite guitars, grizzled bass, and slippery rhythms, songs like “Latest Obsession” and “False Jeopardy” are personally cathartic but also painfully universal, Yost’s heartbreak as identifiable and real as any of our own. The band made their bones with a series of self-released EPs and electrifying live set before recording their 2015 debut album, SORRY ALL OVER THE PLACE, with Spoon’s Jim Eno behind the board.

The collection earned pervasive acclaim for its sharp wit and expert use of pop cultural ephemera on songs such as “Sting’s Teacher Years” (in part inspired by Yost’s own extracurricular career as a high school substitute).

Like any rock ‘n’ roll band worth its salt, The Kickback toured hard, lighting it up at countless headline shows, festival showcases, and gigs alongside such diverse outfits as Here We Go Magic, Manic Street Preachers, Miracle Legion, Tokyo Police Club, and Bush.

Yost relocated once again when his wife entered graduate school at Penn State but continued to be dead focused on pushing The Kickback forward.

In a world that favors boxes and binaries, they are dubbed “psychedelic indie rock”.

And there are certainly moments in the music that fit that bill to a tee, capturing both the headiness and the fervor of the genre.

Massey Hall was a gift from the Massey family to the city of Toronto in 1894.

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