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She is eager to quash the idea that age kills passion or friskiness.'Luckily, Marty thinks I've still got a beautiful body, even though it is old, and every now and again I take all of my clothes off in front of him and shake my (breasts) at him, and he loves it,' Jones writes in her autobiography.

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That includes Cassidy's impressive endowment, Jones' own 'highly sexed' nature that made orgasms a breeze, their threesome with another woman ('yuck,' she says, when asked about the onetime experiment), Cassidy's pre-marital sexual encounter with Cole Porter that Jones says left her unfazed, and her apparent tolerance for his infidelities.

She overturned her squeaky-clean image once before with her Oscar-winning portrayal of a vengeful prostitute in Elmer Gantry (1960) opposite Burt Lancaster, and the role that she considers her most important.

His doctor tells us before providing the medicine that "the patient may be awake but not aware of their surroundings" while under its influence.

Neil is told to think of somewhere nice and decides on South Africa, because "that's where [his] friends are". "s as his ankle is put into plaster ahead of surgery.

Everyone has seen hilarious videos of dental patients tripping on their anaesthetic, filmed by their kind family and friends for our amusement.

But this new video, showing a patient's extreme reaction to being given ketamine as a painkiller, is something else:) was given the drug after suffering an ankle fracture that required surgery to fix it.

After a few "ooofs" as the ketamine takes effect, Neil starts moaning and groaning, as well as chucking in a few "yee-hah! He also appears to lose his Scottish accent and takes on an American twang during the procedure. "It was slightly atypical, but still a positive reaction." OK then.

As Neil gets checked over following the procedure, he describes how he feels like he could "walk on the ceiling", before bursting into Lionel Richie's 'Dancing on the Ceiling'.

But wild bird eggs aren’t usually that light brown colour, and it’s smaller even than a blackbird’s egg.‘I was curious so I contacted the Guinness Book of Records, but they said they don’t keep any records for chicken eggs.

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