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At least, according to the creators of Pure, a mobile location-based hookup service that is still pending i Tunes’ App Store approval.

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People brag about how they can last all night but the truth is that they don't always realise that their partner is actually getting bored.

A hookup culture is one is that accept and encourage casual encounter as well as the casual relationships, one-night stands and other related activity, focus on physical enjoyment without necessarily including emotional bonding or long-term commitment.

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Sexologist Carol Queen, who is acting as an advisor on Pure, writes in a press release, “Some women, far from being hard-wired for monogamy, find erotic value in novelty – new partners can awaken a snoozing libido quicker than anything, an insight that isn’t so surprising when we describe men in this context.” She points to Daniel Bergner’s “What Do Women Want?

” — which makes the case that women may be as predisposed to sexual variety as men, if not even more so — as supporting evidence that there’s an audience for such an app.It's good to know how to last but not everyone always wants to have sex for hours on end; in fact a lot of people are happy with just a quick bit of fun.It feels more casual; it's easier and it leaves you with more time to get on with your day; and that's a lot of positives right there.I have found answers to simple and complex questions, made purchases and sales of treasures and keepsakes, and found a great number of friends in a wide variety of sites.My favorites are the ones of “adult content” and have become obsessed with chatting on line at all hours of the day and night and enjoying text type cyber-sex with the people I have met there.In an email, Queen tells me that contrary to popular opinion, “women aren’t always accustomed to thinking that if they want sex they can just have it.” She adds, though, that ”there are gals hanging out right now in bars and on Craigslist whose goal is some no-strings fun” — and this would offer them an alternative outlet.

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