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An investigation ensued that involved two home visits and interviews with my children.

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The very act of wearing an eye patch itself can be considered as part of the exercise.

By covering the good eye with an eye patch, the lazy or amblyopic eye is forced to work harder and thus communicate with the brain.

I had been speaking to my daughter frequently about sexual assault when she mentioned the incident with her brother to her friend, because a friend’s daughter had been raped by a coach.

Lenore here: The lesson here is the same as the lesson below: Do NOT destroy anyone’s life by summoning the authorities! As if it wasn’t enough that Emily Yoffe wrote one of my favorite journalistic investigations of all time — The College Rape Overcorrection (in which she writes, “Sexual assault on campus is a serious problem.

Kelly Deushane's dining room table is piled high with books, most touting beneficial, healing diets.

There are manila folders filled with medical files.

Later scrapbooks capture the typical life of an American family -- replete with trips to Disney World and fun times at home.

Kelly is the wife of 11Alive General Manager John Deushane.

Of course, these exercises should support the main treatment and not replace it.

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