Radiation dating fossils

Making this even more believable was the announcement, some two weeks later, by scientists.

Amber is also valued for its botanical and animal inclusions that are trapped by the sticky resin as it flows as sap, which is also organic.

Of course, other life is captured including microscopic bacteria that often produce gas bubbles, and various fungi.

Other comparative skeletal material such as the progression of pelvises, knees, hands and feet are equally interesting but are not web-available.

Rather than attempt to write a textbook on the subject, I have collected from numerous web sources significant information on a number of aspects of human evolution.

Although some species of fossil hominids are today represented by up to 500 specimens, for many there are but a few -- not enough, and not complete enough in some cases, to be certain as to the position within our family tree.

So there is debate within paleoanthropology about the matter -- healthy debate that requires more evidence before consensus is reached on all points.

The word amber also denotes a golden color that amber predominately reflects (recall that when human eyes see color, it is actually the portion of the visible light spectrum that an object reflects that is detected).

In fact, amber reflects many frequencies of light, including red, green and blue that together constitutes the entire visible spectrum.

Both the botanical and animal inclusions not only add beauty, but also are of potential scientific value in the study of taxonomy and evolution.

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