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"Sinsemilla" means "no seeds." Sinsemilla is the highest quality and most potent of all buds Since most growers are trying to grow sinsemilla, having only 100% female plants in the flowering grow room is crucial to prevent pollination. And just like male plants, hermie cannabis plants produce pollen that creates seedy buds.

That's why you don't want accidental hermies in the grow room, just like you don't want accidental males!

"Hermie" is short for "hermaphrodite." Hermie cannabis plants usually look like normal female plants for the most part, but they also grow some male parts that produce pollen.

This causes seedy buds just like pollen from male plants. Cannabis growers are trying to grow (seedless buds), which means there should be no hermies or male plants to release pollen near your female plants during the flowering stage.

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Families that were happily married for years can suddenly realize that they cannot wind up looking at their lawful partner.If male, it will be more vigorously handled and any loud sounds or thrashing of limbs will be cheered as signs of masculine vigor.Later whether the child will be given a doll or a toy truck, will be cuddled and fussed over after an injury or told to shake it off, or whether the child will be scolded or praised for boistrous, risky behavior -- all these, even today, will still hinge largely on gender.The desire for (only) female plants is why feminized cannabis seeds can be a blessing for small-scale growers.While male plants only produce pollen, growing feminized seeds means that all your plants will end up being bud-bearing females (instead of growing half male and half female plants like with regular seeds).You don't have to worry about identifying hermies or males and throwing them away before they pollinate your female plants.

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