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Our wives got along well and hung out together during the day fairly often.As time went on, we all relaxed around one another and got to know one another's tendencies.Is it because feral domesticated animals can somehow live on in poor health through their association with humans, whereas nature would ruthlessly pick off any weaklings in the wild animal population?

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At first she said I was sick and that she could never do anything like that, but over time I guess her mind changed.

On our 4th anniversary I came home from work expecting to take Rebecca out for a special dinner.

The name of the female character changed part way through the story. Like a lot of men I had the fantasy of seeing my wife with another man.

When working on several different stories at the same time it is sometimes difficult for me to keep them from flowing into one another. I offer this corrected version up in place of the original version to remove any confusion for the readers. For a period of a little over 3 years my wife Rebecca had sex with other men. We had been married for 3 years when I first told Rebecca about my fantasy.

Instead I walked into the living room to find her sitting on the lap of a man that I had never met before.

Rebecca introduced me to Robert and told me that she had decided to give me my fantasy as an anniversary gift.

While the arrangement did not last, my wife and I had a very wild six months with another couple we were friends with.

Julie and Birch had moved to our town about a year earlier from down south.

At the time I was excited as hell so we rushed upstairs so they could get started.

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