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By the end of the season, both Ricky and Ben know the truth, remain supportive, but are fighting for Amy's affections.See more shows we lost this year In the show's fifth and final season, Amy and Ricky, along with their son John, remain a family, but something — or someone — is holding Amy back from tying the knot.His father Leo is the first person to suspect Amy's pregnancy due to her throwing up on Ben while on a date and her large appetite.

When Amy considers getting an abortion, Ben convinces her not to because he knows that she has other options, and even resorts to telling characters such as the school guidance counselor that the child is his baby.

He experiences a lot of hardship during Amy's pregnancy; particularly when he is brutally beaten up by a fellow student, but remains to be a loving and supportive boyfriend.

we discuss gaming and such with prominent figures in the pop-culture arena. Along with writer Gabe Durham, Baumann is helping to launch a series of 33 1/3-style books called Boss Fight Books, each focused on a single classic video game.

He stars in ABC Family’s The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, and his first novel, Solip, was recently published by Tyrant Books.

This realization causes Ben to propose to Amy, hoping that he can keep Amy and financially support her and the baby as he has genuinely come to love her.

Amy cries hysterically at the proposal, and later explains that although flatter by his actions, she is unsure of what to do.

But I feel like all the sadness has already passed because we haven't been filming for so long, so now it's a matter of excitement. By the end of it, he's burned down the school, he's this entitled rich kid who's obsessive and weird and manipulative. Summer TV Homework: 12 shows to catch up on before the fall Will the ending satisfy fans? It was such an incredibly long scene, six pages, and it was hard to not crack each other up.

Baumann: It boils down to: Will this ending make everyone happy? But in hindsight, the most remarkable was the pilot because everyone was so nervous and brand-new and goofy and inexperienced and that was hilarious. Baumann: I think on a post-graduate trip to Colombia Ben will be captured by the cartel and exclusively force-fed a diet of acorns, and then he will have psychologically manipulated the leader of the cartel and he will have taken over the Colombian cartel and become a drug lord. Baumann: My book [] just came out and I'm doing my first reading from it in New York in June. Baumann: My ideal existence career-wise would be able to act...

(That figure is based on an estimated average 50 references per show, which we tracked when the “Secret Life” drinking game was at its apex and episodes were hitting 60 and 70.) Baumann himself is now a full-grown man of 23. He’s a book publisher with his own Sator Press imprint. We talked to the erudite hyphenate about the big “Secret Life” finish and other matters: Q: So, the end is near. A: It’s actually been quite awhile for us — we wrapped in November. The cancellation was definitely a surprise, but the writing staff and Brenda (creator Brenda Hampton) especially are very, very fast and clever writers. As far as structuring the show to give people their evenings rather than shooting 15 hours on a Tuesday — we’re probably not going to have that again. A: Exactly, which is what made it all the harder — watching the birds get pushed out of the nest for the final time.

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