Who is jim halpert dating in real life

But, in real life, we aren't totally Pam and totally Jim.

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, Jim Halpert's better half aka Jenna Fischer confirmed that Jim & Pam were really a perfect pairing.

When asked by a fan if Jenna and John Krasinksi were actually that close or “if it was just good acting,” Jenna says they had “real chemistry.” “There's like a real part of me that is Pam, and there's a real part of him that's Jim, and those parts of us were genuinely in love with one another.

were greeted with a sign that read, “’The Office’ welcomes the real-life Jim Halpert.” Halpert is not the only one with an Office character named after him — his and Daniels’s mutual friend since second grade, Andy Bernard, is a professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Below is an edited excerpt of Halpert’s interview with Capital Business.

Halpert has been friends with show writer Greg Daniels since before kindergarten.

The two grew up together in New York City, stayed friends through college (Daniels at Harvard, Halpert at Yale) and continued to stay in touch as they progressed in their respective careers.Chick flicks and Girlz Nights are the real threat to society, my friends.After letting the comment sink in, however, I soon realized he unfortunately kind of had a point.A boyfriend of mine once told me that I “watch too many movies”.The truth is, I kind of suck at movies — don’t ask me who played so and so in that groundbreaking “Oh, you know what I’m talking about” cinematic classic, because I will respond with, “You mean Kate Hudson in H” and you will be disappointed, and possibly offended.For me, those three simple words we all long to hear had long ago become synonymous with another set of three words: Jim and Pam.

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