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Coming to America is a 1988 American romantic comedy film directed by John Landis, and based on a story originally created by Eddie Murphy, who also starred in the lead role.

The film also co-stars Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Shari Headley and John Amos. Akeem Joffer, the heir to the throne of Zamunda (a fictional African kingdom), lives a pampered lifestyle with every daily task performed by servants.

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Today, I hope that we can begin the healing.”Kerry’s intentions seem good — any language on unity does — but they ignore the problem that cuffs us to stagnation.

The idea that this country was ever unified is a joke and a bad one at that. In 1992, hip-hop artist 2Pac recorded a track called “Changes,” in which he stated, “Cops give a damn about a Negro/ Pull a trigga, kill a nigga, he’s a hero! In 2016, NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo of New York’s Staten Island, the coward who squeezed the life out of Eric Garner with an illegal chokehold on video, earned an extra $23,000 in pay. The bigger question is why aren’t more people upset when they do?

The film was released in the United States on June 29, 1988. Akeem has become fed up with this and wishes to do more for himself.

Eddie Murphy plays Akeem Joffer, the crown prince of the fictional African nation of Zamunda, who comes to the United States in the hopes of finding a woman he can marry. The final straw comes when his parents, King Jaffe and Queen Aeoleon, present him with an arranged bride-to-be named Imani Izzi, whom he has never met and who has been trained to obey Akeem's every command.

I was honored to be within an arm’s length of our nation’s first black president but hurt by the look on Garner’s daughter Erica’s face.

The room was full of the victim’s family members, activists, students, You Tube sensations and journalists, and Erica Garner, like most of us vocal types, didn’t get to say a word to the president about her father and the investigation into his murder.

But what good would it do, besides win me some PR points? While Michelle Obama felt pride in her nation for the first time recently, I am more and more developing a deep anger at it, and I think it’s time I admit that out loud.

If you want hope, it needs to be planted firmly in truth, or else it’s like administering morphine while you die of kidney failure. I’m a patriot, but to borrow from Chesterton, a patriot who is uncritical of his country while it teeters on the edge of total destruction is like a son who doesn’t warn his mother that she’s about to fall off a cliff.

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