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"It was shocking at first, but I believe God wants me here."With a population of 12, Whiteclay has four liquor stores that sold nearly 4 million cans of beer last year, according to the state's liquor commission.

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Storeowners responded by arming inebriated customers with bats and fireworks, and offering them financial compensation, to confront the activists.

Since April 30, 2013, activists have maintained a along the border to document illegal activities committed by Whiteclay liquor storeowners, such as selling to intoxicated patrons and solicitation.

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Harley Dreamer lives on the streets of Whiteclay, Neb.

He says he is a descendant of Crazy Horse, but he's unable to quit drinking.

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Tom White, the lawyer representing the tribe, told Associated Press that he had no wish to outlaw legitimate beer sales in the town.

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