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Then, do a hot route on the inside receiver, and press the Right Analog-stick in the opposite direction of the quarterback, making an outer slant. Easy training You can make depth chart changes to make training players easier.

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Update for Online Franchise is expected to be out early next week.

But a lot of them are missing, including its only saving grace, the new defensive view and player lock mechanics. I spent lots of time angrily thumbing through Twitter while waiting for games to end, to begin, for the week to advance in franchise.

The decision was announced on the Late Show with Dave Letterman, and sparked rumors that EA was trying to kill off the "Madden Curse" by having a non-active player on the cover.

Officially, EA simply said they wanted to honor Favre's career.

When your PS4 arrives, just look for the PS4 version of the game on Play Station Store – it will appear on Play Station Store on your PS4 for the discounted price of $9.99. For those of you who purchase the PS3 disc version of the games, you do not need a PS4 system to redeem your code, so feel free to redeem it as soon as you pick up your PS3 copy — you can download your digital copy later when your PS4 arrives.

But don’t wait: This program lasts for a limited time.

It features a variety of new additions to the series, including a holographic environment for players to train in, a player skill analysis system, an on-demand picture-in-picture play-call window, a new system of dynamic cameras, the ability to play custom music, and much more.

Brett Favre was chosen as the cover athlete for the game by EA, when he had announced his retirement from football.

And everything still looks fuzzy and Jim Nantz's horrifying, corrugated face is a weird juxtaposition to Phil Simms' slathered-in-vaseline soft glow. Outside of slow loads, the UI is clunky and even non-responsive.

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