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Excited to be playing the lead role in both the films, after playing second fiddle all these years, Harshika exclaims, “I've been waiting for these films to release ever since I started acting.I was just about 18 when I started acting in this movie and it's releasing when I'm 21.

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Hero is in love with a girl who is forced to marry a police officer. The film won multiple nominations at the 3rd South Indian International Movie Awards. See full summary » Prithvi Kumar is an honest young IAS Officer who works as District Commissioner for Bellary District.

A routine plea in federal court Tuesday was so bizarre that even the judge left the courtroom.

A former State Attorney's Office employee pleaded guilty to child porn charges with apparent reluctance.

It's been a really long wait, but worth it as it has made a very good impact with the audience. It was supposed to be my third film, but it got delayed and became my 12th film."Doesn't the star lose her audience if two of her big films clash at the box office on the same day?

She clarifies, “It's just a coincidence that even two of my earlier films ' Jugaari' and ' Sugreeva' released on the same day.

We actually wrapped up ' B3' a few months ago and were promoting it for a while and it's been in the news. If you see parts of Bengaluru and even other cities in Karnataka, there are only my posters everywhere-of both my films and also posters of the audio release of my upcoming film ' Maryade'.

I couldn't have asked for more."She's now shooting for a Telugu film called ' Paani Puri' opposite Surya Teja and is also acting in a Kannada film called ' Maryade', where she will be seen riding a Bullet.

Hero is later forced by his parents to marry a girl liked by them. Is it murder of Suicide, CID Shivu (Shivrajkumar) investigates the murder mystery. His main aim is to eradicate the ongoing corruption in the District and stick to his principles: honesty and corruption-free administration.

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