Orthotic accomodating shoes

The most important thing that I learned is the difference between elevating the leg and elevating the leg above the level of my heart.

I was reminded again and again that I needed to have my leg elevated above the level of my heart.

The shank should have ground contact such that it can not sag under the middle of the arch support.

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Orthotic accomodating shoes

Recognized by families and medical professionals for our depth of knowledge, we remain committed to supporting our customers by providing reliable information.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect orthotic brace or you are looking for some comfortable footwear, you have come to the right place.

Weak or poorly fitted shoes can not offer therapeutic benefit, fix pain, heal wounds, or prevent them. Proper shoes need to have the capacity to hold the heel vertically to keep the foot oriented correctly on orthotics or arch configurations.

Shoes should also have a broad "shank" or mid-section to allow proper seating of orthotic devices.

Propershoes are always the first consideration at Malkin's Functional Footwear.

Many people wear non-supportive footwear, and attempt to have orthotics or modifications added to them which, of course, will not work.

With more than 100 styles to choose from, our comfortable, wearable styles include boots, dress shoes, sandals, hikers, casual shoes and hard to find sizes that work for hard to fit feet.

Check out these online catalogues for styles to suit you from Drew Shoes, Portofino, APEX, and Ros Hommerson, all of which are top brands for orthotic-friendly footwear. These beauties are excellent for professionals who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Our staff will work with you to understand your issues, create a plan and develop a solution.

Do you suffer from foot, knee, hip, or lower back pain?

Having proper orthotic arch support in your footwear allows you to stand on your feet longer without any foot pain.

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