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By an act of the Legislature of the State of New York, passed in the year 1793, a certain tract of land lying between the Delaware And Susquehanna rivers was erected into a township called Franklin, situate in and being a part of the county of Otsego. FOOTE belongs to the Connecticut stock of Footes, but was born in Chenango county, May 4th, 1829. He follows teaching, together with farming, and has a sister, Eliza, who is a successful teacher. He married Caroline Munson October 6th, 1841, and has had eight children, of whom George S., Elizabeth, Agnes, Ella and James B. WILLIAM HALLOCK was born in New Haven, Conn., in1804; was a farmer in Walton between 1825 and 160 and has since resided in Franklin. Hine, was born December 18th, 1823, and from 1858 to his death was in the mercantile business with Beriah Bowers.

The first town meeting was ordered to be held at the house of Sluman Wattles on the first Tuesday in April of the same year. In 1856 he commenced the practice of medicine in Franklin, and had a large practice as a homoeopathic physician. He has been director of the First National Bank since its organization, has been justice of the peace, etc.

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"Jewishness" has the meanings both of "adherence to the religion of Judaism" and "membership in the ethnic group 'Jews.'" People of both groups are listed here.

By other criteria, these people may be listed under other nationalities as well.

Benjamin Franklin." This was probably the reason the town was called Franklin, as the name had been acquired at the time of the patent. In 1866 he married Jennie Brownson, of Croton, and established the carriage business there. was a participant in the dangers of the late Rebellion, as a member of the 144th N. By feeble health he was obliged to sell his interest in 1862, and at the formation of the First National Bank of Franklin he was made its president, which position he has held over fifteen years with satisfaction to all. is an insurance agent in the firm of Slade & Douglas; and William E. EZRA EVANS, son of Jeremiah Evans, was born in Schoharie county, N. He began farming in 1852, and was married in 1867 to Susan Stewart of Meredith, N. JOSEPH EVELAND was born December 12th, 1844, at Roxbury.

Walton was taken off of this tract in 1797, and a part was restored in 1801. They have four children-Freddie B., Nettie, Mary and Jennie. He married Marietta Hine in1842, and has three sons living. is a successful physician at Lisle, Broome county, N. ABIAL DRAKE was born on the farm he now resides on in 1817.

THE LOYAL AMERICANS SHAVER EMIGRANTS TO CANADA** The Descendants of Maria Elizabeth Schaffer, Four Generations (1664-1749) The Descendants of Maria Schaeffer/John Merkley (1750-1833) The Descendants of Johannes Schaffer (1751-1828) The Descendants of Nicholas Schaeffer (1752-1838) The Descendants of Frederick Schaeffer (1760-1818) The Descendants of Nicholas Shaver (1726-1805) The Descendants of Philip Shaver (1731-1805) book is indexed and numbered by itself. Maria Schäfer, the mother was listed with Johann Schäfer and his family on Pastor Sommer's Family List ca. With many of my fellow German neighbours, I fought at the Battle of Saratoga and witnessed the sad defeat of the British soldiers and the slaughter of young mercenary Hessian soldiers who did not understand the terrain of our area.

Maria Elizabeth Schäffer 146 Maria Schaeffer/Jacob H. My second son, John File fought with Butler's Rangers and the New York Royal Regiment.'From 1778 to 1781, my oldest son Christoper and I were fined heavily for helping Loyalists to escape to Canada, supplying the British army and the Indians with food. Adams enjoyed the cruel Sport of finding loyalists for the Commissioners because they gave him a fat fee for each loyalist's name.''During these commission trials my beloved wife Elizabeth Hunsinger died of grief.

Ninja, jcbrunner, nancyewhite, Sassy Lassy, Jo English, cinaedus, katya0133, Michael. Special thanks goes out to moonradio and seki for starting the thread back in 2008! Cataloging Louis Armstrong’s Library Next up for Legacy Libraries: the personal library of jazz trumpeter, composer, and singer, Louis Armstrong.

Armstrong’s library (shared with his wife, Lucille) is housed at his former home in Queens, NY.

Jewish tradition defines a Jew as a person with a Jewish mother.

Most Jews would not agree with listing someone who was not brought up Jewish, or who does not adhere to Jewish beliefs as "Jewish." Many listed here may have spent their lives disguising their Jewish origins, and married gentile (non-Jewish) spouses.

Merckel 120 Johannes Schaeffer 506 Nicholas Schaeffer 834 Frederick Schaeffer 2,010 Nicholas Shaver 868 Philip Shaver 1,188 TOTAL SHAVER FAMILY 5,672The following is a quote, permission graciously granted by Henry Jones, Jr., from his 2 volume work, THE PALATINE FAMILIES OF NEW YORK 1710, "A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710," 1985, 1,350 pages, indexed, copies of which can be purchased from him at Henry A. Our last imprisonment was for helping Blacksmith Andries Stohl and Farmer Harper Lansing escape from the cruel confinement of Serg. My sons Corporal John File and his brother Melchoir fled to Canada.

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