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As Ubisoft rolls out additional patches, these mods will surely break, so make sure supported versions of your mods matches that of the latest update. Far Cry 3's weapon scopes certainly give you an edge while hunting in the brush, but some of the crosshairs blast our eyeballs with an exaggerated brightness like a tiny supernova.

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Claude’s missions for the Federal War Department take him to major battles, and the reader will experience Cedar Creek, and Fort Fisher as if in person.

The vision of Lincoln standing in full view of the Confederate sharpshooters at Fort Stephens is indelible, as is the vignette of a severely wounded Union officer on the grounds of the Belle Grove Plantation after Cedar Creek.

However, there are conditions that do not have obvious signs, like hearing loss.

Parents are often caught unaware because children with hearing loss usually show normal behaviors.

Either way, we'll update this story as we discover new mods or as old ones are phased out. The author's forum thread has a few more comparison screenshots.

The starting 1911 pistol and AK47 rifle handles the job of delivering swift bulletdeath in a pinch, but they lack the bling of the utilitarian attachments you'll buy for later weapons.

Second, Far Cry 3's file configuration recognizes only one mod installation at a time (as opposed to, say, Skyrim's multi-mod support), so unless you're sticking with a single mod for, you'll need to install one of the various compilations assembled by the generous technical wizards on the Ubi forums.

Lastly, follow installation instructions carefully so everything works smoothly—we PC gamers know the pain of agonizing over uncooperative data files more than anyone else.

It was known for its strong emphasis on technical articles and for the lengthy editorials in each issue by its founder and publisher, Wayne Green (W2NSD).

Prior to beginning his own publications, Wayne Green started an amateur radio teletype newsletter.

It was created thanks to miniaturization of the electronic systems and the use of efficient power supply.

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