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And ladies out there, this is what guys talk about when you're not around," he said in an interview on Fox News in October.

"So if you're offended by it, grow up," he continued.

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Baio defends Trump’s comments about women as 'not a big thing' She then grabbed him beneath his arms and began shaking and pushing him, the "Happy Days" star told police, according to TMZ. reportedly has opened an investigation based on Baio's accusation, considering Mack a suspect for committing battery.

Those connected to Mack, who is an architect, insist she was only attempting to demonstrate how Trump hugs women to Baio and didn't intend to attack him, TMZ reports.

It's been two days since "Happy Days" star Erin Moran was found dead in her New Salisbury, Ind.

home, and her former co-star Scott Baio is already questioning what really killed the 56-year-old actress.

The characters are as familiar to us as our own family – the Cunningham family patriarchs Howard and Marion, straight shooter Richie, kid sister Joanie and mysterious older brother Chuck, goofballs Potsie and Ralph Malph, the rebellious yet loveable Chachi and, of course, the enigmatic Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli a.k.a.

“the Fonz.” These characters have become some of the biggest icons on our pop culture journey.

Over ten years America watched as Erin grew up from smart mouthed kid to beautiful and spunky woman. Erin: Yes, and then my very first series was Daktari. Sam: With Judy the Chimp and Clarence the cross-eyed lion! Sam: So how did you get into acting at the age of four?

She may have loved Chachi, but TV audiences loved her. Erin: Well, a friend of my Mom’s had a friend who was just starting out as a child agent, and the friend of my Mom’s said, “just take Erin in and just meet with her”.

Scott Baio's support of Donald Trump left one rock star's wife so red-hot, she physically attacked him, the actor claimed in a recent police report.

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