Invalidating the data store

Statamic will do this automatically when we detect changes to files or explicitly do so from the Control Panel, but since you can customize this behavior, it’s good for you to know how to do it yourself.

To clear the Stache (and refresh any content or settings), you can delete enabled and is powered by magic.

This method tracks data changes by extracting metadata from update or delete queries or from within SQL comments.

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This provides high throughput and low-latency access to commonly used application data, by storing the data in memory.

By avoiding the high latency data access of a persistent data store, caching can dramatically improve application responsiveness, if it is well used.

Statamic on the other hand uses a caching layer as a data-source, much in the way a Redis or No DB application might. If Statamic were to search through and read all of your content and settings files every single request, you would probably rage quit the internet or (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻), unless your site was very small.

Statamic watches for changes to your content and settings and compiles a number of ephemeral data structures that are used to power your website not unlike an API.

You cannot, nor should you want to ever turn it off. The system cache is used by Statamic and addons to store data for defined lengths of time, much like sessions or cookies might do on the browser side. As an example, the Image Transform feature uses this cache to store all the manipulated images and their various sizes.

If you were Aquaman, would you give away your powers? Each item in the system cache invalidates itself over time.

store would allow for things like a redux middleware to check all expired data times when, for instance, an offline app comes back online.

has been cached and needs to be invalidated, there are several methods you can use to invalidate it, depending on whether you wanted to affect just that file or a wider scope.

For example, the Front-Ends don’t have the knowledge of which infrastructure resources are used to store the cache data and what the topology of that infrastructure is.

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