Is drake dating a usan girl

Twitter acted accordingly, offering the most hilarious reactions to Drake and J.

Then of course, there were his days—Jimmy and Ashley forever!

—not to mention the on-screen girls from his music videos.

This month, he's cuddling up with Jennifer Lopez.

While both parties have yet to confirm or deny the relationship rumors, the pair -- cleverly dubbed "Dra Lo" by the Internet -- haven't been shy about fueling them by sharing their moments together on social media.

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So, either they are dating for real, or Drake is the 2016 equivalent of Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles.

Drake has had a long history of romances, from his famous on-again-off-again saga with Rihanna, to his even more famous (and more recent) Instagram with Jennifer Lopez, which she reposted on her own account, basically confirming their dating (or at least hooking up) status.

We're sure there's much more to him than meets the eye, as Drake loves to keep his private life private, entertaining us only with a cryptic Tweet or Instagram photo here and there.

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