Updating bulk data

We have a huge list of web part properties which have been defined by microsoft.

you can have a look over these properties from the link below: Share Point Web part properties Now once i ran into a situation wherein i had to change the "Chrome Type" property of a web part in the landing page of all the subsites as well as root site in my site collection. So in order to do this through User Interface would have required a considerable amount of time.

Without exception, the biggest problem in each of these programs is Data Quality.

Without it, the business cannot rely on the information the system is supplying.

If you want specific results and to optimize, I'd recommend you modify the queries to select the specific columns you want. As for the space between your text in your job description resulting in a faster retrieval time, this is more of a guess but could it be due to the indexing nature specified by you or your DBMS when you set up the table?

The extremely long continuous string might take longer to read or determine where to proceed to retrieve your data.

As a matter of fact, the provided representation in the request will be in replacement of the list resource one.

You can have two options regarding the resource paths.So in order to access my web part i have to iterate through the "SPWeb Part Manager" class.Here the web part name is "Relevant Articles" and the chrome property has to be set to "Title And Border".Now that you have created the Products table, you are ready to insert data into the table by using the INSERT statement.After the data is inserted, you will change the content of a row by using an UPDATE statement.Web part properties define the structure as well as functionality of a web part.

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