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Coins from the bygone empire of Ancient Rome are found all around Europe, Northern Africa, and the other parts of the world conquered by the Romans.

Spreading its commercial empire was one of the many ways in which Rome expanded its borders and grew its wealth.

With ten in total, four have been noted to be from the Roman Empire, while a fifth coin was struck with the date 1687; a date which traces back to the Ottoman Empire. The site, where the coins were recovered, is leaving experts baffled, however.

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When a building has a coin in its foundations, archaeologists know that the building must have been built after the time in which the coin was struck. While not the only evidence pointing to a late first century date for the construction of the vessel, such a find provides precious chronological information.

In 1962, a ship was discovered in London that had a worn coin of the Roman emperor Domitian (A. Careful recording during excavation also showed that the reverse ("tails") of the coin was face up and read "To the good fortune of the Emperor".

The evidence for the Shrouds genuineness has been accumulating now for 40 years.

Some readers who have been intrigued, and perhaps impressed, by the body of evidence presented on this site, may wonder why I have included a page on the Shroud of Turin. Most importantly, I only present evidence I find compelling.

The Roman coins appear to be much older, dating back to at least 400AD according to estimates.

The board of education in the Japanese city of Uruma announced the discovery, and said the story of how the coins came to arrive in Japan remained shrouded in doubt.

Today, we are left with only the remnants of that mighty empire.

Yet when a hoard of them are discovered, it’s always big news in the archaeological, anthropological and numismatic communities.

When Toshio Tsukamoto, an archaeologist with experience at excavation sites in Italy and Egypt, arrived at the castle, he knew right away the “little round things” did not belong to armor.

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