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Because he considers himself a great lover (in his own mind, anyway), he sees it as something of a favor to all women that he share this supposed talent with all women he takes fancy to.

, David Buss cites a study claiming that, by and large, men find women who wear make-up more attractive, but women find men who wear make-up (even to cover up pimples or scars) less attractive.

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Celia Falicov, Ph D, author of Latino Families in Therapy, points to the work of Matthew Gutmann, who traced the rise of this figure to the Golden Era of Mexican cinema in the 1950s.

These movies, Falicov says, glorified certain macho qualities, such as gun slinging and objectifying women.

Unfortunately, no, because when women see George Constanza in heels and a wig, they don’t see a tall man with good hair; they see an insecure man who feels the need to compensate for his short stature and hairless head.

When men say they find women more attractive in make-up, they aren’t saying they prefer superficial perfection over superficial flaws, they are saying they prefer women who acknowledge they have flaws, because it shows vulnerability and shows a need for male validation.

It is also part of the configuration to have strong sexual drives and seek variety in sexual relationships, while being possessive and jealous toward the faithful wife.”There is no denying that machismo is detrimental and often deadly for women, and failing to understanding the origins, nuances, and contexts is a disservice to everyone.

Not sure if your man is being sexist or just a little insecure? ” He’s really saying: “I don’t want other guys looking at you.” “He may feel threatened. I want to look good for you—enjoy the show.” Make it clear that you’re not looking to attract another guy. “Is he worried that he’ll look foolish because he can’t control his woman?

I realize this is not the actual reason women wear make-up, but men often think it is, and that’s what we react to when we feel attracted to it.

On the other hand, if men show a need for female validation, most women consider this a turn-off, and that’s what they’re reacting to when they see a short man wearing lifts or a bald man wearing a wig.

This discrepancy is often cited as evidence that men are more superficial than women, and that men expect their ideal female partner to look perfect while women are more likely to accept superficial flaws in their ideal partner. Other studies cited in Buss’s book show that women do have superficial preferences, listed as “deal-breakers” for many, such as preferring tall men over short men, men with hair over bald men, or muscular men over chubby or scrawny men.

So for a “George Costanza” type–a short, bald, stocky man–is the answer is to enhance your appearance with high-heeled shoes, a hair piece, and Spanx, just as women enhance their appearance with make-up?

” It might be annoying to hear your man talk bad about Mami, but he has a point: You wouldn’t want his mother butting in all the time.

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