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Welcome to your world, the world of having a clingy girlfriend. He made the mistake of seeing a movie with a guy friend that she wanted to see. When you first started pursuing her and first started hanging out with her, you allowed her to be clingy. She thinks you like the clinginess and the togetherness. His girlfriend wants to do everything together — every trip, every moment, every dinner, every movie. The definition of a clingy girlfriend is: a girlfriend who doesn’t allow you to do things on your own. You may think these are positive traits, but if you’re the only one giving or sacrificing, it’s time to ask yourself why the relationship has become unbalanced and unequal. The dictionary defines “adhesive” as a substance for sticking one thing to another.

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These are good indicators that you may be in the clingy zone. If your sweetheart is craving space, the signs include less eye contact, less physical touch, shallow or brief conversations and a “keep your distance” posture like crossed legs or arms. Sign up for a class, join a small group, or pursue a passion or talent that is yours and yours alone. A good rule of thumb is to match—not exceed—the energy, attention, and effort your partner is investing in your relationship.

When we’re convinced we’re not getting “enough” from a partner and we’re starving for more, it’s natural to become clingy. Feed your need—for conversation, companionship, affirmation, whatever—from more than one source.

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The only way to know for sure that clinginess is happening is to communicate with each other, because one person’s good morning texts could seem thoughtful to one but overbearing to another. It seems kind of silly, but it’s important to have a conversation about communication style.

Establish boundaries, times that work best and preferred methods.

Being needy or clingy in a relationship creates that exact dynamic and can have the opposite effect you long for. When you’re clingy, it doesn’t feel good to your partner. The emotions that fuel clinginess—such as insecurity, jealousy, loneliness and others—are painful ones. In the middle of texting, calling, driving past his house, or checking out her Facebook page, pay attention to what your body is telling you. “Cohesive,” on the other hand, refers to elements of the same thing sticking together, which is much better description of what being a healthy couple should be.

It can leave your love-interest feeling trapped, suffocated, and smothered. ) that you’re too clingy, here are five steps to liberate not only your partner from the clutches of clinginess, but yourself as well. When you are at your clingiest, you may even feel driven and powerless, as if you couldn’t choose to behave differently even if you wanted to. If you’re longing to connect is a lot stronger than your partner’s— or if you’re being driven by insecurity, jealousy or loneliness—take a step back. When you’re adhesive, you can cause even someone who really loves you to long for space and, in doing so, diminish your chances of ever developing cohesiveness as a couple.

When you see her after you’ve gotten that time to yourself, you’ll tell her “Babe, I miss you. I was thinking about you the whole time.” When you’re not with her, you shoot her a text and say “I’m having so much fun.

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