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I guess I was living by that old adage, ‘love finds you when you aren’t looking.’ The least enjoyable date I’ve had in Boston was with a man who was a professional dancer. He wore weird homeless gloves (you know the kind) and loose leisure pants.

Oh, and he also lived at his parents’ house with zero intention of moving out.

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They don’t force you to become best friends with the host or listen to five episodes before you pick up on the “in” jokes.

We’ve chosen the 50 best podcasts of 2016 based on their innovation this year, consistent high quality, excellence within their genre, and of course, entertainment value.

Shortly, they're in action, yanking an insane old lady off her bed and strapping herto a gurney:"I'll take her up top and you get the feet," [Clarence] said. But it was carefully organized, a fact I absorbed when I visited Dix recently, met Raynor, and leafed through a scrapbook kept in the hospital library.

"Come on, granny, you're going for a ride." When the sheet was lifted, Iwas shocked to discover that this woman was naked. So I made some calls, working through a few baffled state employees until I found Margaret Raynor, a 62-year-old registered nurse who has worked at Dix since 1969. Judging by old newspaper clips, Dix was no paradise: In 1972, all of North Carolina's mental hospitals were officially rebuked because of substandard conditions.

ranked Boston the 5th best city for single women in terms of “education, life expectancy and median earnings.” It’s not hard for anyone to believe that Boston is host to some of the nation’s most well-educated and successful women … After all, women in the Hub certainly don’t want no scrubs.

I decided to sit down with one of Boston’s own single ladies and talk about her dating experiences and dating luck thus far in Boston. She is a 29-year-old single gal who went to graduate school here in the Hub. Eating like a cross-fitter, without lifting any of the weights.

explores the tricky business of redemption and estrangement by starting with the premise that to make something right, you have to first get over the idea that someone is at fault.

You also have to laugh, to the point of tears, as much as possible.

Each episode finds the host Jonathan Goldstein moderating a fraught moment intensified by years of distance: a time when someone broke a promise, or another person’s heart.

The hurt is still there—sometimes for everyone, sometimes for just one person who can’t let something go (like the time a man named Gregor lent the then-unknown musician Moby a collection of CDs that were never returned).

"Everything in aren't true, even if you allow for an extra-wiggly definition of "exaggerate." Start with the story called "Dix Hill," in which David is a 13-year-old on summer vacation in 1970.

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