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Homeowners may choose to replace or upgrade a light switch for functional or for aesthetic reasons.Changing the light switch is a simple and inexpensive DIY project.There are also plenty of other more advanced options on the market today that provide added conveniences like the ability to adjust or shut off lighting through a remote or connected device thanks to advances in home automation.

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The white wires will be connected to each other but not to the switch itself; this connection is typically secured by a plastic wire nut.

The ground wires will be connected to each other and attached to the grounding screw on the switch.

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No smart home gadget can make all of those claims — and so far, there’s no object as dead simple as the light switch to control all of our smart devices.

“I realized pretty quickly I was going to hate having to use my smartphone all the time in my house,” he says.

This will allow you to dim the lights from one location and turn them completely off or on from the other.

Note that ordinary dimmers are not intended for use with fluorescent lights or appliances like ceiling fans.

Emigh’s hope is that it’ll approach the simplicity of a light switch, too: there’s no main interface — you just swipe up to turn on the lights and swipe down to turn them off.

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