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Phoebe initially leapt to his defence, but, after putting up with his loud enthusiasm for everything from a plate dispenser – “look at this plate bouncy thing!

” – to oysters, she eventually conceded that he was, in fact, irritating as hell.

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Coolidge is a graduate of Florida State University.

After singing around Memphis (including a stint singing jingles), she was discovered by Delaney & Bonnie, who took her to Los Angeles where, besides her work with Delaney & Bonnie, she became a popular background singer on many other people's albums.

Alec Baldwin In season eight, Alec Baldwin made his Friends cameo as Phoebe’s new guy, Parker.

Excited about anything and everything, with a penchant for taking "mental pictures”, Parker soon managed to annoy everyone with his manically upbeat persona.

The funny woman shot to fame in the 1999 teen comedy with her role as Stifler's mom, an older woman who seduces her son's school friends, and Coolidge says the part completely changed her life, reported The Guardian.

The 52-year-old actress spent more than 10 years dating much younger men after coming to their attention in the movie."I did date younger men after that movie.

Her charitable work has included a history of supporting AIDS assistance and animal rights.

Coolidge is known for her supporting roles in many comedy movies and guest spots on television.

She was raised in Norwell, Massachusetts, alongside a brother, Andrew, and two sisters, Elizabeth and Susannah.

Coolidge attended Norwell High School, the Cambridge School of Weston, Emerson College in Boston, and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Gershon teased her part on Instagram over the past weeks, posting a photo with Criss — and another of her onscreen offspring’s other half, Chris Colfer.

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