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When automatic software updates are enabled, Workstation always includes the latest support for guest operating systems and virtual machines always have the latest version of VMware Tools.

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The majority of the peripheral devices, external (printers, scanners, modems,etc), or and internal (EIDE, SATA, SCSI, video cards, sound cards, etc), are recognized and easily without much difficulty.

However, Some difficulties can arise with recently released hardware technologies.

In these cases, you must use # List packages with names containing $ [root]# urpmq $ # Show the resource where $ is located [root]# urpmq –sources $ # List other packages that $ depends on [root]# urpmq -d $ # List other packages that depend on $ [root]# urpmq -r $ This article is based on earlier work by Tom Berger entitled “MUO - Basics - RPM III” obtained via Madrake in 2002, and released under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Its purpose is to keep the computer current with the latest security (and other) updates automatically.

This is the version that will be used by Mandriva in its future products which will be based on Mageia.

It provides a system of automatically solving dependencies by offering to install or uninstall dependent packages.

This will download the package list (around 10MB) Alternatively, to upgrade your distribution to Cooker (development release, not recommended for production use), you can try this: This will ask to update lots of packages and their dependencies. You may have better results with your update if you update the kernel first for this release, instead of the normal way of doing it (which would be last) as described above. Another useful thing to do is to take a list of the packages before and after the update in order to check which packages urpmi failed to update or obsolete/unneeded libraries.

Luca Olivetti - This is what I did to perform an upgrade: (note that 'cap paquet' is the localized version for 'no package', basically I'm looking for packages not existing in any of the new sources.

RPM only tells you which files are missing or which packages would be broken.

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