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This month's event is definitely one to be celebrated by all who have loved and followed black (R&B/hip-hop) music for decades, but I celebrated three similar occurrences just over 10 years ago. So even if the current Hot 100 chart factors in airplay from a number of genres, including R&B/hip-hop stations, the recent top-10 list is still an accomplishment to be celebrated as it clearly required the recent surge of mainstream pop stations buying into this type of music for the stars to align as they did.

The last time was the week ending May 29, 1993, when the Hot 100 chart was dominated by the following top-10:1. And a note to Billboard: While it may have been inevitable that we'd see such a top-10 with the recent presence of R&B/hip-hop music in crossover markets (and the fact that matchbox twenty's "Unwell" could only hang on for so long), and while it may seem tempting to "correct" this recent shift, it seems like Billboard's Chart Department always considers the Hot 100 chart methodology "subject to review" (Singles Minded column, Oct. I offer that the charts are reflective of what America is generally listening to (whether forceably or not) and that the Hot 100 is still the most accurate singles popularity chart in the industry.

I was invited to witness how the state-of-the-art innovation is disrupting the industry.

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And perhaps this month's feat was more noteworthy because it was the first time that such a chart resulted from an alignment of the moon and stars on the radio airplay side, with little or no influence from sales.

As for this month's accomplishment, I am equally proud of these current acts and the milestone they've created in R&B/hip-hop/pop history -- as I am a huge fan of all these types of music.

The tongue tingling flavors of chipotle, pineapple and lime please the palate while the mix of ghost and habanero peppers make this sauce a scorcher. We are thrilled to have collaborated on this spectacular sauce and can't wait to watch Sean and guest sweat through Question #5 again and again.

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