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He went on to be seen in the 11th series of Doctor precisely in January 2010.On 19th June of the same year, Finn announced that he would be joining the cast of Game of Thrones, the popular HBO adaptation of the novel series titled A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R R Martin.Co-founded by Danni Menzies and Chrissy Rigby, the app works like this – users first input what the date will entail, say where and when it will be, add any extra information, then click “pitch” and wait for responses.

The Eccleston native, whose recent success on the silver screen has also made its way to our TV sets with stellar performances in the final series of Inspector George Gently, spoke to the Star about her sassy role as Summer in Hollywood Dirt.

The film, set in the town of Quincy, Georgia and based on the New York Times best selling novel by Alessandra Torre, follows small town girl Summer Jenkins and Hollywood heart throb Cole Masten, two people from different worlds whose lives collide and start trouble and love for both.

match is the most widely-used online dating site in the world and has nearly 1.8 million subscribers.

It works in the most traditional way: Simply create a profile, check out your potential matches, send them a few messages and then arrange to meet for a date.

He also went on to film an online drama called The Curfew commissioned by Channel 4 and produced by Little Loud Productions.

Jones is also noted to have appeared as Santiago Jones in the The Sarah Jane Adventures in the story Death of the Doctor, which he performed as phenomenally as any other role he has ever played.

The app will then ask the person pitching to whittle down those interested in the date to three, by swiping on each profile.

The user can then chat with the three people shortlisted, before making their final decision on who to take.

It’s aimed at time-starved professionals, who due to busy work and social lives simply don’t have the time to date.

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