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A column name is required only when a column is derived from an arithmetic expression, a function, or a constant; when two or more columns may otherwise have the same name, typically because of a join; or when a column in a view is specified a name different from that of the column from which it is derived.Column names can also be assigned in the SELECT statement.please Use this option for few reocrds only (say in 1000's) .

' as a Place-Holder for all the columns in your Source File.

Remove the header rows from the Excel file and Save the file as comma delimited file from Excel (CSV File). From Teradata SQL Assistant, click 'File', then 'Import Data'.

Appropriate permissions are required to select from the objects referenced in the SELECT clause of the view that is created.

A view does not have to be a simple subset of the rows and columns of one particular table.

This means that from onwards, we can declare a single associative array (new name for index-by tables in 9i) or collection type based on one of the following.

DECLARE 2 3 /* 4 * Declare an associative array type of 5 * USER_TABLES structure...

This will load in the order in which they appear in your text file, which is why it is important to match the columns in Excel with the order of the columns in your table.

Creates a virtual table whose contents (columns and rows) are defined by a query.

Oracle has continued to improve and extend the possibilities for bulk PL/SQL processing through its 9i releases One and Two. It is assumed that readers are familiar with the bulk PL/SQL fetching and binding constructs available in Oracle 8i (i.e. If you require some background, follow the link to my 8i-specific article above.

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