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I loved how went ahead and got/argued herself into getting the shirt she wanted (you can open 3 buttons so when they look at me, their eye automatically turn to you) and how cool was she "their photograph oppa I work with. I hope she met the boys and MBC better make it an episode.

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Like any date, , like the-wizard’s-face-in-the-Wizard-of-Oz large) while she attempts to show off how much she can shake her hips or grind or flip the hem of her dress.

Then the walls of Oz part and she walks out as if auditioning for , striking a pose at the end of her catwalk like a supermodel in training.

Jin Kyung is effortlessly cute without being the annoying "oppa" *heart eyes* kind of cute. She wasn't embarrassed at all and fit in well besides the MCs.

I love how head strong she is, competitive, and not here for doing shit just because he said so or because it would only make him happy. I don't even care though because I still fangirled at her cheer of support.

But it’s apparently not the only problem the Swedish retailer has been facing.

Recently, an IKEA store in Shanghai has been dealing with a large group of elderly people that frequently spends hours in its popular cafe without buying anything.

The concept of the dating show is essentially to give “regular” people the chance to have a dream date with a celebrity, based off of their personality and not their looks.

This latter aim is an ironic one because the show very obviously fails to achieve its don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover facade.

The crowd cheers and often influences the choice of the celebs before anyone hears her speak.

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