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I recall my mother looking at an obese person we happened to pass on the street and saying, “Isn’t that terrible that your problems are visible for everyone to see.” I met my partner—let’s call him Aaron—about a year ago, several years after she died.

Although I am sure she would have liked Aaron—everybody does—I know she would have urged me anxiously to push him to lose weight.

The nation’s obesity epidemic may have lessened the stigma, but it remains scary.

The process, which Glaude detailed starting last spring on his Instagram and You Tube channels "Obese to Beast," earned him thousands of fans and followers. I'm the same person I was when I was 360 pounds, too.

But what finally made him famous was a single video in November 2014, which has now been watched well over 7 million times. I just found the motivation inside me to keep going every single day.

John Glaude transformed the right way, the way we ask our readers to change: slow and steady.

He didn't go on some reality show, sweat out half a man, relapse, and fall out of the public eye.

I traded one insecurity (being morbidly obese and fat) for another (having pounds of loose skin)." Bobbit's skin, which had lost its elasticity from years of stretching, hung low over her waist and past her groin. It caused pain and frequent infections and put her at risk of necrosis of the skin, which occurs when cells die and rot while embedded in living tissue. "I felt gross when I saw myself naked and when it came to dating, it was a big insecurity,” Bobbitt said.

"I also lost motivation because I just couldn't see the weight loss anymore -- just skin." Excess skin requires careful cleaning between the skin folds to prevent infection and painful rashes, though those can happen despite best practices.

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By the time Tatiana Bobbitt lost 190 pounds, she knew she had a problem.

He changed his diet and committed to regular training.

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