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You will learn techniques to set yourself apart from other men, and much more.

Do you know there is a process for conversing with women you are interesting in?

How you feel about the way women visualize you is SUPER CRUCIAL to your success.

The Academy will identify any of your personal barriers or limiting beliefs which might be holding you back from being successful with women.

I know she was hurt, but it’s just her way of expressing herself.

We tried to reconcile, but the “other girl” would call and antagonize the situation with lies.

I never told this person I lived with my girlfriend and somehow she found out and called her.

My girlfriend moved out and didn’t even shed a tear.She’s sexy for sure but frustrated with the guys she’s seeing online and how much her love life sucks right now. Through this course & one-on-one consulting I have helped hundreds of guys all across the world meet their dating goals.She’s exactly your type of girl & she's looking at your profile right now. From playing the field & having a great social life to finding a hot girlfriend & real love. Getting started with the training is push button simple.There's no screwing around with fluffy, unorganized, drawn-out information here though. Laid out for you in 1-2-3 order and every lesson contains a specific action plan & exercises for you to follow with clear examples every step of the way so you never get lost, stuck or wondering what to do next and if you have a question, you get one-on-one help.And you can watch these video lessons as much as you want and whenever you want (just like you watch all videos on the Internet).Comes home, and goes to yoga at 6, returns by 8…only to be in bed by 9 each night (including weekends! One Friday night after she refused my invitation for dinner and dancing because she needed to get her rest, I went online and perused the singles ads.

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